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切ってみないことには、今のところはなんとも / 🌹🌹YOU TUBE

2020.5.3 1248
Post for exclusive use of serial kidnapping and murder case investigation headquarters / Girls murderer / Japanese police do not arrest to hide investigative mistakes / “criminals are safe” The criminal is a man similar to "Lupin"

I didn't know the murder case. I thought I was just a “painter” on Instagram. I made friends with him and had him draw a portrait. I told him, "Let's exchange pictures of each other's faces." That time, the other party made a "strange refusal". He also resisted "telling his real name." When I said "Let's meet," he refused stubbornly. From there, "Yagi Tomoko found the criminal." About 3 months after thinking that "something is wrong"

The criminals have multiple accounts with different names on Instagram and post to each. I post people's "criminal's own post" and "things related to the his offense" with "mainly blue links" to inform people of the danger. "blue links" include "posts by ordinary people, not posts by criminals."

The Japanese police are "not willing to arrest". Because I don't want to reveal the "police mistake".

Rose is "BARA" in Japanese. "🌹🌹BARA-BARA" = "Dismembered Murder"

The song "Blue Dragon" / 🌹🌹🩸YOU TUBE