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ミニやぎです。昨年 2019.9.3(Tue)に本体が記した「自動書記(Automatic writing)の全文」をねずみnoteに記載いたします。

●あなたは ひとりではありません。
●禁欲というのは 鳥が、授かった翼を決して広げないように我慢するようなものです。


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Full text of Automatic writing / Yagi Tomoko written 2019.9.3

●If you're in a place where you can't feel love right now, leave immediately. That is not where you are.

●Gratitude is something that springs up, not compulsion.

●Not everyone is using words correctly. There are so many things that we need to practice. It's easy if you get the hang of it. To love.

●The door that had been locked for a long time opened. 
 Those who are timid and scared have locked it.

●You are not alone. Many friends are waiting. They goes well with you and you'll be surprised.

●Men and women are born to love each other. the right thing.

●If you put up with what you really want, what is the reason? 
 Is it so valuable that you endure what you really want?

●To make yourself happy is to take care of yourself. That is true independence.

●What You really like and really enjoy is that You doing the right thing.

●Abstinence is like having a bird put up with a wing that never spreads.

●Do you think that ignoring your love is to live stronger? It's a mistake.

●The words "I'm glad to be beautiful"

●The word "love feels great"

●Flowers do not fly in the sky. The bees are coming towards the flowers.

●Vague hope

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