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大志 ⚡️👁⚡️時を告げる塔:💎🕰💎YouTube


それは 人間そのもの を描き出す、⚡️👁⚡️大鏡(おおかがみ)⚡️👁⚡️なのかもしれません。 Somewhere Not in This World. 未だ嘗て誰も踏み入れたことのない地へ、私と一緒に、しっかりとお互いの手と手を取り合って 渡っていきましょう。飛ぶのです。翼を大きく広げて はためかせてみてください。風と、風の音を感じてください。呼吸を合わせてください。胸がポカポカと熱くなっているのを感じていることでしょう。深い呼吸をしてみましょう。翼に風が通り「神気」が身体の隅々まで漲ってくるのが解るでしょう。🕊🌈🕊そして一気に飛び立ちます。



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Ambition ⚡️👁⚡️Tower tells the time:💎🕰💎YouTube

Art and its expression.

Art may be a ⚡️👁⚡️ big mirror ⚡️👁⚡️ that depicts the human being itself. "Somewhere Not in This World." Let's take a firm hold of each other's hands and go to a place where no one has stepped in yet. Fly. Try widening your wings and flap them. Feel the wind and the sound of the wind. Please adjust your breath. You may feel that your chest is hot. Take a deep breath. You can see that the wind blows through the wings and "God's mind" flows into every corner of the body. 🕊🌈🕊 And then I will take off at once.

Feel the "love" in your shoulder blades. The warmth wrapped in a deep sense of security is the "gentleness" that people have. You was able to go to that place. I think you have come "overcoming various painful feelings". First of all, let me also thank you.

🧩Thank you

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2020.4.12 0412

苦しみが噴出する刻です。「999」の曲を思い出してください。出だしは 🌈 汽車は闇を抜けて光の海へ。まず初めに闇があるのです。闇があるからこそ、光の強弱を感知できるのです。したがって我々が生きるにあたって「必要な、偉大なる闇」なのです。大きいものを前にした刻に沸き起こる「畏敬の念」に震えてください。不思議と怖くはありません。とても深い深い安らぎを覚えます。




これが、生命のうつくしさです。そうです。私たちは、だれもが うつくしい、うつくしいスターなのです。ひと粒 涙を流しましょう。光が滲んで、とても水面がきれいですよ。 これが、「水の星」。私達の星です。


Best regards
Amaterasu Ogami

2020.4.12 0412

Now is the time when pain begins to erupt. Recall the song "999". The start is 🌈 The train goes through the darkness to the sea of light. First of all, there is darkness. Because of the darkness, we can sense the intensity of light. Therefore, it is the "great darkness necessary" for us for live. Feel the awe and appreciation for the big beings. Not strangely scary. I feel very deep and peaceful.

In this deep darkness, you can see your own internal organs shining like stars. At first glimmering. Gradually, you will be able to detect the intensity of the delicate light with your inner eye.

A friend sends you a signal. When driving a car, the drivers will signal each other with headlights, right? Similarly, a white flash of light flashes on the right and left of the your face. "Let's answer with a smile." I can answer with my heart.

"I feel very good."
"I will be deeper and more confident."
"I feel calm and calm"
"What a beautiful place this is!"

This is the beauty of life. That's right. We are all beautiful, beautiful stars. One grain Let's shed tears. The water is very clear. This is the “water star”. It is our star.

Let's all protect this beautiful thing.

Best regards
Amaterasu Ogami

2020.4.16 0053
What humanity really has to cherish is “YOUR PULSE”, not “personal connection as business”

2020.4.26 0004
It is the best happiness to rectify the faults and compensate the mistakes(Goethe)


Dear⚡️👁⚡️ “Eternity“:💎💙💎YouTube