2020. 07

You and me A whole new world / 💎🌙💎YouTube


私はこのアラジンの映像が大好きなんですが、絨毯に乗込む時(0:09〜)、ジャスミンの瞳が(これから起こることへの好奇心で)一瞬だけ大きくなるところ、王子から手渡された白い花の香りのかぎかた(0:38〜)(香りに集中しようとして目を閉じて深呼吸してかぐ)、が特に好きですね。大人びた顔立ちに引き立つ、可愛らしさ、素敵さ。好奇心が溢れ出した、生き生きとしたジャスミンをみていると 幸せな気持ちになります。


Tiger, bird, horse. Tiger Rajah is cute. The tiger is a cat family.....

I love this Aladdin video. I will tell you my favorite scene. At the moment Jasmine just rides on the carpet(0:09〜), She curiosity makes her eyes shine. When the prince handed her a white flower(0:38〜), She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath in an attempt to focus on the scent. The cuteness and loveliness that enhances the mature look. I feel very happy when I see Jasmine, who is full of curiosity and vibrant.

Night flight of lovers illuminated by the color of the night. Sing a song of joy in the beauty of the world reflected in your eyes in the endless transparent blue.just two of us. Feeling like rising to heaven, like a roller coaster. A glowing river.we are here now, in a long history. And we feel here. The moonlight softly reflects lovers on the surface on the water.


胸が膨らむっていうのは、夢が膨らむってことなのです。夢が膨らむっていうのは「生きる力を持つ / 強さと優しさを持つ」ってことです。


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Now let's "inflate your chest" from another entrance.I give you the magic to live your full potential. 1, 2, 3 !
Inflating your chest is inflating your dreams. When a dream expands, it means "having the power to live / having strength and kindness".

It is "a very embarrassing thing" to say and show only good words. If you're fooling your ugly heart, "it's better not to do anything at all". How much can you feel the "heart pain" of others? If there is a way to get "beautiful things", what do you think it is "how"?

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