2020. 05

You can escape on your own from the darkness.:👂🙏👂YouTube

You have strong power. It is time to use that power. The most powerful force in an emergency. It is the power of love that helps each other. Other than that, it has no power to help living things.


人の持つ声 / 楽器の音色で精神を健やかに保つ:👂🙏👂YouTube
Keep your mind healthy with human voices:👂🙏👂YouTube

2020.5.15 1411
The true monk's job is to "Healing people, shining light on the soul, and guiding them on the right path." It's true of any religion in the world. 🙏🌎🙏
Great and wonderful is God, not a monk. Please look at his "The things that him point to". 🕊👉⛩👈🕊

pc operator:But.., since he's a cool and good men, I only see him face...
yagi tomoko:It's nice. So where do you think your feelings of "he is good" come from? That is the answer. All is The Great Love. Thank you.
pc operator:Whattttt?! What should I do?
yagi tomoko:Sorry, I don't know. For example, How about "Give money to his temple." / "Pray for his happiness"?
pc operator:・・・・. I be quiet at home and listen to his song.

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