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大連の死体工場の調査 / 🖤👩‍🌾🖤YOU TUBE

死体農場についての説明VTR / 🖤👩‍🌾🖤YOU TUBE

The words of the professor who requested the sample himself
"If you die, it means the end of everything. There is nothing to worry about. It doesn't matter what happens to my body."

教授の 思想 / 其の言葉の重み / ヘッポコ「仏画絵師」とやらにご理解頂けますでしょうか。怪しいもんです
Religious Female Painter like "play house". Though she is a vulgar, she misunderstands that she is "enlightened" and "sells the her painting to others at a high price."
Her heart is jealous / Anxious heart without money / Fear of illness

関連リンク / 🍼👸🍼小姫の話 / LITTLE PRINCESS STORY / 💛🤝💛親切な話 / KINDNESS STORY