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🌟Wikipedia / 大日如来 / Mahāvairocana

🌟光明真言 / Komyo Shingon / 🌟👑🌟YOU TUBE
Vairocana buddha represent the totality of physical and mental universe.

🌟ॐ 大日如来 / 毗卢遮那佛咒 / 🌟👑🌟YOU TUBE

🌟Vairocana Buddha / 🌟👑🌟YOU TUBE

🌟Activate Brain / 100% / 🌟👑🌟YOU TUBE

Seated Dainichi Nyorai
🌟大日如来像 / 金剛界大日 / 円成寺 / 運慶作 / 国宝

例え、思うように昇れなくて多少ヤキモキしたとしても、下層環境の一つところで「もがき続ける人生」よりも素晴らしい人生を送れていることが自分で実感できて「誇り高く / 満足な気持ち」を持てるでしょう。

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For people all over the world
Open up 100 potentials in your brain. Please open 100. Climb higher You will definitely arrive. You will definitely arrive. It is designed so that you can reach it, so you can rest assured.

For example, even if you feel like you are not climbing as you want and you feel a little impatience, you can realize that you are "living a wonderful life" rather than "life that struggles" in one of the lower environments. It is Your great proud and satisfied feeling.